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Direct access to furnished accommodations, custom housing, and hotels in one click.

On Location Made Easy

When you are shooting on location, or on tour, you need your people at their best to perform. Knowing lifestyle, diet, and sleep impact your crew's ability, you can give your project a head start with the right accommodations to fit your crew's needs. MyKey offers temporary homes away from home to help everyone from producers to stage hands to live their lives, and perform at their best on the road.

Choose from professionally managed apartments and executive suites, to custom build rentals that accommodate large crews, and hotels, all on one easy site.

Working with a lump sum or per diem?

Whether you are booking for groups or individuals with special requests? Let us handle the details for you. Contact a MyKey Accommodations Specialist or call 1-844-627-8759 to find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

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Why MyKey

Hotels and Furnished Accommodations

MyKey is the only booking engine that searches hotels, furnished accommodations, and temporary housing in one location, allowing you to compare options with a click. With our open online platform, your travel coordinator can easily share their favourite pics with your project's decision makers, as well as the crew.

Direct Access

Finding temporary accommodation has never been faster. connects you and your crew directly to properties you know and trust. There is no middle man. You can talk to potential accommodation providers, ask about special needs, and learn about the neighborhood. Once you find your solution, you simply look and book directly with your hand-picked provider.

Open, Honest & Transparent

MyKey's service level agreement with accommodation providers states that they must: "Quote and honour the same rate to our clients as would be quoted to any client directly." You get the same price, with better selection! It's just like dealing direct!

Professionally Managed Properties

All properties on are professionally managed and vetted to meet our service, quality, and regulatory standards. We ensure the pictures and postings match reality so there are no surprises when your crew or high profile guests arrive.

No Fees

When you book online at MyKey you pay the same rate the accommodation providers offer directly. There are no hidden fees or commissions, just easy access to the accommodations your employees need to perform at their best.

Reduce Risk

MyKey offers a protection plan to ensure the property is covered in the event of damage, infestation, or liability issues. Ask us how we can work with you to cover the property, your company, and your crew.

Built to Suite You

If your project takes you to locations where the right accommodations solution does not exist, Mykey will built it for you. From large groups in one building, to custom furniture and houseware packages, pet friendly options, and executive upgrades, MyKey secures what you need where you need it. Learn how you can improve your on location accommodations with MyKey's Custom Housing Solutions

Partner Management Solution

MyKey creates a custom dashboard for your organization. Unlike the sharing economy, no matter how many colleagues or locations you book through MyKey, you can manage your bookings, invoices, reports, and more on one secure site. It's all at your fingertips.

Personal Service

Too busy? MyKey's team is available 24/7 to help you find accommodations. Call a MyKey Temporary Housing Specialist at 1-844-627-8759 to find the right solution that fits your needs and budget.


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