About Us

MyKey is an invaluable

easy-to-use resource for hotels, independently owned and operated corporate housing options and alternative accommodations, all under one roof.

Our team has decades of combined experience servicing at the highest levels the short and long-term travel needs of businesses and individuals alike. We have honed that experience to become the leading provider of insurance housing solutions in North America.

We have established industry-leading standards for quality, service, cleanliness and communication, standards that every MyKey Global Alliance partner has agreed to. As a result, no matter where you have a need, MyKey can connect you with a vetted, peer-reviewed accommodation provider that is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Whether you need a hotel for the night, a furnished apartment for a month or custom housing solution for a year or more, MyKey will deliver on its promise to manage your unique needs and desires with E.A.S.E. That’s Easy. Affordable. Safe. and Enjoyable.

Our Story

Founder and CEO Gordon Doell has always advocated for higher industry standards and has expressed a deep confidence in the collective strength of his esteemed peers operating in their respective markets.

MyKey was inspired by Gordon Doell, the founder and CEO.

Our company is committed to innovation, alignment of “best-in-class” service providers and a focus on the E.A.S.E. of doing business (Easy, Affordable, Safe and Enjoyable).

In today’s global economy, clients are leaning toward a single solution that can offer a complete temporary accommodation solution. Clients wanting one source for all their accommodation needs, in every market, also expect “on the ground” local expertise and a personal touch. In addition, clients need to be able to secure accommodations faster, and for less money.

Doell immediately recognized this as an opportunity to offer clients a one-source e-commerce technology, smart real estate transactions and a formal coalition of the best accommodation providers and operators in each market.

MyKey strives to set itself apart from the pack of other accommodation consolidation services by only using reputable hotels, and vetted and peer-reviewed corporate housing providers and vacation rental owners. The insurance industry has strongly reacted to MyKey’s mission and vision, resulting in MyKey becoming the leading provider of professionally managed insurance housing solutions in North America.

Today MyKey works with some of the largest insurers in Canada, and the United States assisting daily with immediate, emergency hotel reservations, furnished apartments and custom housing solutions. Whether the insurer has a single displaced policyholder or needs assistance on a massive scale as a result of a catastrophe, MyKey has the team, technology and in-depth industry know-how to provide a high degree of service and client satisfaction.

MyKey is able to offer accommodations in more than 500 markets in Canada, more than 1,100 markets in the United States, and more than 100 additional top markets globally. We have more than 100,000 properties in our Alliance and can custom-build housing solutions for unique needs or geographically challenging areas.

Our Vision

To provide an unsurpassed, single source and complete housing solution through best practice standards and technology, increasing the speed in which we do business.

Our Mission

To provide best match accommodation solutions and exceptional service with E.A.S.E., making every MyKey experience Easy, Affordable, Safe and Enjoyable.