Why Choose MyKey

When an employee moves, or your team travels for training or projects, you need professionals you can trust to secure temporary accommodations that suit their needs.

MyKey is your source for trusted, immediate accommodations, when and where your employees travel.

Whether you are looking for urgent access to hotels and housing for insurance claims, need short term accommodations for employee relocation, project work, or employee training, or want a custom-built housing solution, MyKey can help.

Professionally Managed Properties

All properties on MyKey are professionally managed and individually vetted to meet our service, quality, and regulatory standards. There are no surprises when your client arrives.

Understand the difference between professionally managed properties and the sharing economy with The Hidden Costs of the Sharing Economy.

Partner Management Solution

MyKey creates a custom dashboard for your organization. No matter how many of your employees or insurance adjusters are working with MyKey, you can all manage every booking and invoice through your personal MyKey.com portal. It’s all at your fingertips, plus reports and more.

Hotels and Furnished Accommodations

MyKey searches hotels, furnished accommodations and vacation rental options to meet your temporary housing needs. For individuals, you can search and compare options in once location with just a click.