The Confidence You Want.
The Peace of Mind Your Policyholder Deserves.

When an emergency strikes, you need a team you can trust to take care of your policyholders. MyKey is the leading vetted hotel and furnished housing resource. Whether it’s a one-off housefire or a catastrophe affecting dozens of individuals and families, we are your key to secure, immediate housing, where and when your policyholders need it most.

1 Day in a Hotel.
1 Month in a Serviced Apartment.
1 Year in a Furnished House.
Everything in Between.

MyKey has the expertise and creativity to quickly handle all your insurance housing needs. We help manage ALE budgets while delivering loss cost reductions of 16% or better and a Net Promoter Score® of 96.

Why MyKey for Insurance Professionals and Policyholders

Hotels and Housing

MyKey has created relationships with hotels, furnished housing companies and alternative accommodations providers, securing a nationwide supply of vetted solutions to quickly and completely meet your clients’ varied needs.

Vetted Properties

All properties MyKey works with are professionally managed and individually vetted to meet our service, quality, and regulatory standards. There are no surprises when your policyholder arrives.

Service and Savings

MyKey offers 24/7 service, rapid response time and immediate hotel booking capability to quickly address your client’s emerging needs. We can provide temporary housing loss cost reductions of 16% or more and industry-leading Net Promoter Score®.

Emergency Service

Disaster doesn’t recognize business hours. A MyKey Insurance Housing Specialist is available 24/7/365 to find hotel accommodations and the right long-term housing solution that fits your policyholder’s needs and ALE budget.