Our Team

  • Gordon M. Doell

    President and CEOBiography

    Gordon M. Doell

    President and CEO

    Under the leadership of visionary CEO, Gordon Doell, his Company has grown over the years to include Real Estate in the residential, commercial and warehouse industrial properties in various cities in North America.

    Today his companies are well-diversified, with its primary business in Real Estate Development/Property Management and Land Annexation creating Master Planned subdivisions for families and businesses in various capacities.

    The Corporate Housing division is not only one of Doell’s core businesses; it is one of his business passions. Respecting the individual brand strength of his peers, Doell has created MyKey as a select alliance of similar-minded leaders within the Corporate Housing Industry.

  • Elle Crane, CCHP

    Executive Vice-PresidentBiography

    Elle Crane, CCHP

    Executive Vice-President

    With over 20 years of experience in the corporate housing industry, Crane has held leadership roles in both national key account and supplier management.

    Driven by a desire and passion to elevate the industry, Crane is a founding member of MyKey and leads the company's service delivery.

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  • Phil Langley

    Executive Director, Insurance HousingBiography

    Phil Langley

    Executive Director, Insurance Housing

    As a 25 year veteran of the property and casualty (P&C) insurance and corporate housing industries, Phil Langley has played a leading role building teams and systems to source short and long-term accommodations for policyholders across North America. As the Executive Director, Insurance Housing at MyKey, Phil spearheads MyKey’s Insurance Team, guiding the customization of MyKey’s technology and processes to meet and anticipate the needs of insurance carriers, adjusters and affected policyholders across Canada and the US.

    Prior to joining MyKey, Phil led claims-related temporary housing sales and account management efforts to the Top 25 P&C insurance carriers and as Executive Vice President of Maisara Consulting, worked with major P&C carriers on a variety of claims-related products and services.

    Through decades of collaborating with policyholders, adjusters, managers, and executives, Phil brings a wealth of information on the systems and services the insurance industry needs to address housing needs from hotels to long term solutions.

  • Christy Harris

    Director of FulfillmentBiography

    Christy Harris

    Director of Fulfillment
    Christy Harris is our Director of Fulfillment. Her role includes guiding MyKey's account managers to assist clients, insurers and policyholders for all of their temporary accommodation needs. She works tirelessly to ensure the entire team has the tools they need to perform at their best.
  • Shane Kartz

    Director of MarketingBiography

    Shane Kartz

    Director of Marketing

    Over the course of his 30+ year career, Shane has fostered strong customer, vendor and stakeholder relationships. He has led major projects through a broad range of industries and market segments including government, education, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, automotive, performing arts, tourism and hospitality, just to name a few.

    In 1999 Shane established and helmed a leading Saskatoon-based advertising agency for more than 5 years before joining forces with another local agency, where he stayed until 2011.

    He has had the pleasure of working with numerous high-profile clients in the private sector locally and abroad as well as with numerous federal and provincial ministries and municipal government departments. Shane is now setting his sights keenly on disrupting the corporate housing and temporary accommodation industries.

  • Marcelle Maillet

    Team Lead / Chef d’équipe, Canada | Bilingual - English / FrenchBiography

    Marcelle Maillet

    Team Lead / Chef d’équipe, Canada | Bilingual - English / French
    With her strong work ethic and technical aptitude, Marcelle has quickly become a valued addition to MyKey's Fulfillment Team, including being named Team Lead for MyKey's Canadian fulfillment operations. French is Marcelle's first language and with her being based in New Brunswick, she is often the preferred point of contact for MyKey clients in the Atlantic and Eastern Regions. Prior to joining MyKey, Marcelle held positions in customer service where she developed the skills to deliver exceptional client care by listening intently, understanding needs, and negotiating and proposing solutions. Marcelle has also helped MyKey drive efficiencies in our processes and systems with her fresh perspective on our technology and tools to enhance the customer experience.
  • Jeannette Martinez

    Manager, Sourcing TeamBiography

    Jeannette Martinez

    Manager, Sourcing Team

    Jeannette is a seasoned professional with a passion for building strong relationships and driving efficient sourcing strategies. As Manager of the Sourcing Team, she leverages her understanding of North American markets to secure the best resources for the company.

    Based in Arizona, Jeannette has extensive experience working with a diverse range of suppliers across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Her expertise lies in identifying qualified vendors. She is a skilled negotiator and communicator, with a strong track record of building trust and fostering long-term partnerships with suppliers. Jeannette is passionate about mentoring and developing her team members, creating a positive and supportive work environment where individuals can thrive. Her dedication to talent development ensures that the Sourcing Team is well equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of mid-term and long-term housing.

  • Eva Benavides

    Account ManagerBiography

    Eva Benavides

    Account Manager

    Eva Benavides is an account manager with MyKey where she assists clients and guests both with their temporary housing needs. She uses her significant experience in the furnished housing industry to provide the right solution in the perfect place and within the customer’s budget.

    In addition to servicing traditional corporate housing needs, Eva has a deep understanding of how to manage the sensitive and complicated layers of finding rapid and long-term housing solutions for insurance professionals and their policyholders.

    Prior to coming to MyKey, Eva coordinated short-term stays at one of the largest corporate housing providers in the world. Her professional background and passion for providing an unparalleled guest experience help make the temporary housing process easy and stress-free for MyKey customers and guests.

  • Melissa Heslop

    Account Manager
    Melissa brings to MyKey and its customers an extensive professional background in hospitality and customer service. Having worked for a variety of brand-name and boutique hotels, Melissa has a keenly honed understanding of how to deliver to the customer the ideal accommodations for their needs and length of stay, all while staying within their budget and providing the highest levels of speed and care. She also has considerable training and expertise in the administrative aspects of the hospitality industry which greatly informs her ability to handle multiple claims, and all their complexities, at once.
  • Sarah Parlee

    Account ManagerBiography

    Sarah Parlee

    Account Manager
    Sarah brings greater than a decade of experience on the insurer side of the business to her role as an account manager with MyKey. As such, she has an intimate understanding of the complexities of a homeowners insurance claim. Sarah's knowledge and experience from all sides of an ALE claim transaction help her provide a well-rounded experience for both the client and the guest, and one that delivers the highest levels of satisfaction.
  • Shawn Van Loon

    Account Manager
    As an account manager with MyKey, Shawn assists clients and guests both with their temporary housing needs. He is known for providing a high level of customer service and is driven by the challenge to find the most suitable accommodations in the shortest possible time.