Training and Intern Solutions that Deliver

You invest in your people so they can improve your organization. Multi-day trainings can be intensive. Providing an environment where your people can relax, experience downtime, and maintain a healthy diet and fitness program, not to mention get a good night sleep, affects not only their performance but can also impact recruitment efforts and job satisfaction.

With the right accommodations, you can give your employees a solid foundation for success when they travel for training or an internship. MyKey offers temporary homes away from home to help employees, from construction crews to information technologists, and from executives to college interns, live their lives, and perform at their best while on the road.

Quickly and easily choose from professionally managed apartments and executive suites, single-family homes, and short-term rentals for individuals and large groups, all through MyKey.

Why MyKey for Employee Training and Intern Programs

Furnished Apartments and Alternative Accommodations

MyKey has created relationships with furnished housing companies and alternative accommodations providers, securing a nationwide supply of vetted solutions to quickly and completely meet your needs.

Vetted Properties

All properties MyKey works with are professionally managed, and individually vetted to meet our quality, service and response time standards. There are no surprises when your policyholder arrives. We deliver an experience that is second to none and highly satisfying.

Recruitment and Retention

MyKey works with you to deliver an experience that is on-brand with your company and its culture. We are your partner to ensure you retain or attract the best talent to help your company grow!