MyKey FAQs for
Insurance Professionals

About Us

What is MyKey?
MyKey partners with the insurance housing industry, providing best in class service and exceptional value to your policyholder while delivering on their temporary housing needs. From everyday displacements to catastrophes, we deliver solutions that meet your client’s needs and that are within their ALE limit.
What are your office hours?
MyKey is available 24/7 to assist with your temporary housing needs. We provide 3 fast and easy ways to service your needs immediately.

How do I submit a claim for temporary housing assistance?
MyKey is available 24/7 to assist with your temporary housing needs. We provide 3 fast and easy ways to service your needs immediately.

Why should I use MyKey?
MyKey delivers more for less, providing the right option in the right place and at the right price while still making the best use of your client’s ALE budget. We help you save money without having to sacrifice quality or customer satisfaction.

Our MyKey Insurance Housing portal provides:

  • Speedy insurance housing fulfillment requests
  • Access to policyholder reservation details
  • Billing details with invoice transparency

As the leading provider of insurance housing solutions in North America, we help both large and small insurers provide exceptional, compassionate and immediate assistance to their policyholders, which means greater policyholder value and higher customer satisfaction scores for your company.

We have a Net Promoter Score of 68!

What is the minimum / maximum stay you can assist with?
From one night in a hotel to as along as your policyholder needs in a furnished apartment or custom housing solution, MyKey does it all and can quickly assist you with any need. If your policyholder is going to be out of their home more than a few days, we recommend a furnished apartment or custom housing solution over a hotel.
What type of housing do you provide?
What kind of housing do you need?

MyKey has partnered with more than 100,000 properties across North America. We can assist with single or multi-night stays in a hotel or extended stay property. We can secure accommodations in a furnished apartment. We also can custom build a housing solution to meet unique needs or needs in complicated locations. We’ll work with you and/or you policyholder to find the right solution in the right place and within ALE limits.

How do you bill for your services?
MyKey will send you options with costs they you will approve in advance of the guest’s arrival. We cover all upfront costs so all your policyholder has to do is show up, check in, and get comfortable. MyKey will then invoice you each month.
Do you accept pets?
Pets are family too! If your policyholder has pets, let us know upfront and we will provide options that accept pets, whether it is a hotel, furnished apartment or custom housing solution.
Do you provide options that accommodate policyholders with special needs?
Absolutely. We will provide solutions that meet each policyholder’s unique needs. Please just inform us of any special requests or needs upfront so we can ensure the options we find for your policyholder meet them.
How do hotel reservations work? Does my policyholder need a credit card?
MyKey will make an immediate hotel reservation for your policyholder if their special case requires it, generally within the hour. We have partnered with thousands of providers across North America to quickly and easily respond to your needs. MyKey covers the cost of the hotel upfront and will invoice your company for the charges. You policyholder will only need a credit card to cover any incidentals.
How are extensions handled?
MyKey will authorize payment for the timeframe that is pre-approved for your policyholder by you. If you need to extend, let us know as early as possible so that we can ensure the accommodations remain available. In addition to this, we will send you and the policyholder a notice to vacate reminder as their moveout date approaches to see if an extension is required.
Are your non-hotel housing options furnished?
Yes. We have relationships with furnished housing providers and private homeowners across North America to quickly and easily find your policyholder a temporary home. In the rare instance that a furnished option is not readily available, we will work with local service providers to rent furniture and housewares, and manage utility turn ons and shut offs.
What paperwork does my policyholder have to sign?
The policyholder is responsible for signing the landlord’s residential lease for the temporary property. Whenever possible, our relocation specialists first read it over to make sure it meets your requirements for lease length, approved costs, and ability to extend. Your policyholder also signs an agreement to utilize MyKeys’ services for their housing and furnishing needs, and an authorization allowing you to pay us directly for their temporary relocation expenses.
How do you handle Security Deposits?
We prefer to not expose the insurance company to possible loss from unreturned security deposit amounts. Whenever possible, we ask that you advance the funds for security deposits from your policyholder’s contents or other portion of their claim. This allows us to quickly and efficiently move the family into their temporary housing. It also encourages your policyholders to take good care of the temporary property and furnishings so that the deposits are returned in full. If this is not possible, we will work with you and your policyholder on other arrangements for deposit payments.
How are maintenance issues handled?
MyKey maintains relationships with the professional management companies and individual owners of all the housing providers we work with. In the rare instance that a maintenance issues arrives, all you or your policyholder needs to do is let MyKey know and will work directly and expediently with the property manager to get the matter resolved quickly and with minimal inconvenience.

CAT Support

Do you provide housing assistance CAT response teams?
Yes, we have experience assisting when a CAT occurs. We can secure housing for both your CAT response team and any displaced policyholders.

Supply us with the names and contact info for all team members on the CAT response team, as well as billing details, and we will immediately set to work coordinating everything for their arrival.

From hotels to apartments to custom housing solutions, we ensure everyone’s needs are taken care of.

Do you provide housing assistance for policyholders during a CAT Event?
Yes. MyKey will provide both onsite assistance and liaise with our home office to quickly and seamlessly provide housing solutions for your policyholders.

Supply us with the names and contact info for all your policyholders, any pertinent details regarding their needs, and their ALE limits, and we will find housing solutions with expediency. For the utmost speed and ease, we highly recommend using our Insurance Claim form found on this website at

From hotels to apartments to custom housing solutions, we ensure everyone’s needs are taken care of.

How long does it take to find my policyholder accommodations?
In depends on the need. Hotel placements can generally be done with a couple hours. Furnished apartments and private home rentals may take 2-3 days to locate the right option. If the policyholder has a unique need or a need in a challenging area that requires MyKey to find an unfurnished option and then furnished it, this could take 7-14 days.
How does your housing process work?
Once MyKey receives your request, we immediately begin searching our database of vetted providers to find options that meet your needs. If necessary, we will find and custom build a solution. Options are sent to you to be approved, include the cost, in our custom adjuster portal on Approved options are then sent to the policyholder to select the best fit for their needs and wants. We then secure the property, provide move in information and invoice you.
Do you handle utility connections?
We work primarily with an extensive list of furnished and professionally managed housing providers. In the event of a policyholder with a unique need that requires a custom build solution, MyKey will handle turning on and shutting off utilities.
What is provided with each temporary residence?
Specifics vary from property to property, but we ensure every non-hotel housing option is fully furnished with all the furniture, housewares, linens, electronics (kitchen and entertainment) necessary for your policyholder to seamlessly integrate themselves with minimal inconvenience.