Getting Settled into Your Temporary Housing

Jun 27, 2024

Moving into a temporary living situation can feel stressful and foreign to many people. We see home as a familiar place that brings us joy and solace. A new apartment or home can feel cold and void of any memories. With some instant changes, this new space can feel more personal, light, and fun making the transition much easier.


Communicating with your landlord or leasing office is key to any transactional relationship and with temporary housing it is extremely important. Make sure to do a thorough walk-through at move-in with your landlord or property manager documenting every little piece of damage you might find with pictures (time stamped and dated) and a list. Have yourself and your landlord sign the list at the end of the walk-through and make sure each party has a copy. Come to an agreement with them on what items are to be fixed immediately and what items you just want noted so that you are not responsible for them at move-out. This will be the most important part of the process.

Communication is also important for any issues that arise during your stay in temporary housing. If anything breaks or you need assistance with something make sure to report it right away. Document the report either via email, text or through their form. Taking pictures that are time-stamped and dated is always recommended. Read your lease and know what you are and are not responsible for during your stay and at move-out.

personalize space

Personalize Your Space

Transform your space into a true reflection of yourself by adding personal items and photos. Displaying familiar faces in your home creates a sense of belonging and surrounds you with the people and things you cherish. Even a simple picture of family, friends, or pets can make a significant difference. Nowadays, it’s easy and affordable to print digital photos using services like Shutterfly and have them delivered to your door. Additionally, incorporating art is a wonderful way to further personalize your environment.

Damage Free

Living in a rental space means abiding by a lease that may have strict rules about what you can and cannot do in the space. If you are unable to put holes in the walls an alternative is products from 3M to use instead of nails. 3M also offers a wide array of storage and organization products that are damage-free and can be used in rentals.

Get Colorful

Add color to your space to brighten it up. Add pillows or throw blankets with pops of color to add a bit of whimsy. Be fun and free to be daring and take some risks, it is only temporary after all. Color can help with your mental health, it can give you a sense of light, peace, and joy. It will make coming home fun rather than melancholy.


Get Involved

Familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood and check out any ongoing events in the area. This will provide opportunities to meet your neighbors and make new friends. If you have children, visiting nearby parks is a great way to connect with other parents.

Attending local events such as street fairs, farmers’ markets, or community socials can introduce you to people you might not encounter otherwise. If you live in an apartment complex, see if there are tenant socials to meet residents from other units. Joining local Facebook groups can also help you discover meetups and events in your area.

Home Is Where Your Pets Are

Our furry friends can sometimes take temporary living much harder than we do. There are ways to make your fur baby feel at home that could be as easy as bringing their favorite toys. If that is not possible, then try to purchase their favorite items and pet-ify the space so they feel at home as well. They should feel the space is as much theirs as it is yours. Your pets are driven by scent and if you have their favorite blanket or bed that will make them feel all the calmer and more settled.


Moving Out and Security Deposit

It is finally time to move out and return to your normal life. It is a happy time, joyous even! Your work is not done, however. At move-out make sure to do a thorough walkthrough with your landlord or property manager and take pictures or video to document anything and everything you talk about or notice that is damaged or needs to be cleaned. This is why your move-in walkthrough is so important. You will want to minimize anything that you will be responsible for at move-out that could deduct from your security deposit.

Temporary Housing does not have to be scary; it can be a fun and exciting adventure. So don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy being in a new place and meeting new people while you stay in your home away from home.

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