MyKey Presents: Tips for Business Travel

Apr 16, 2019

Traveling for business is different than traveling for leisure so MyKey Global Accommodations reminds you that it’s important to keep healthy while on a business assignment. That way your mind is sharp and you’ll stay on top of any meetings or networking opportunities.

MyKey recommends you invest in quality luggage and accessories. If you have a good suitcase, it will make maneuvering around the airport much easier and help to avoid going over the airport’s weight limit.

It’s important to realize carry-on bags are a good way to stay organized. Packing light while keeping all your belongings in your allotted carry on is one way to accomplish this.

MyKey also recommends keeping the essentials packed in your bag between trips, such as toiletries, chargers, office supplies and business cards. That way you can save time when you pack. Forget to replace your travel toiletries after your last trip? No worries! MyKey furnished accommodation provide you with complimentary toiletries to get you through the first couple of days.

Packing casual clothes and not just suits. Business appropriate clothing is definitely important when on a work trip but striking a good balance gives you the comfort and flexibility to explore your surroundings on foot. At MyKey, we encourage our guests to become familiar with their temporary neighborhood. That’s why we include a Walk Score for every furnished accommodation we offer.

Look into booking non-stops flights. This will shorten your travel time, so you’ll be able to potentially enjoy an extra day of your trip.

MyKey particularly endorses this when your business travels take you to new and exciting places. Spend time looking into great restaurants, interesting cultural sites and scenic trips to embark on while you are there. Then use the extra days to embrace all the things and places you discovered during your research.

It’s also necessary to be prepared for a potential emergency. Have different numbers for customer service available in case your flight is canceled or you need to change a hotel or car reservation.

Keep important confirmation numbers close by. Print out your travel itinerary, including your MyKey confirmation and arrival instructions, and keep a copy in your bags.

*Security Protocols Before Take-off *
It’s important to pack your bags with security checkpoints in mind. This can help speed up travel. Also, check into programs like TSA Pre-Check to gain access to quick-moving security and customs around the world.

Charge your electronics before you leave. If you must attend to business while in the air, being prepared makes even more sense. Today, many newer airplanes have USB charging ports available at your seat so be sure to have a USB-based charging cable in your carry-on luggage to take advantage of it!

Schedule and Organization
Keep your normal schedule in mind during your trip. If you are an early riser, take an early flight. But if you are more of a night owl, think about flying out late. That way, you can get situated in your hotel early. If you feel the need to be organized during your trip, keep your laptop bag and luggage free from clutter. Think about packing cubes, plastic bags, cord organizers and smaller travel bags. These are all useful tools to stay organized.

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Company dinners. After hours cocktails. Late nights. Not to mention jet lag! At MyKey, we suggest packing items that will optimize your sleep patterns. Bring a pillow, headphones or even an eye mask to help you sleep while on the plane. Proper sleep will keep you refreshed for important business meetings.

Another perk to help you stay healthy is an airport lounge membership. Most airlines give customers the chance to hang out in a lounge where food, chargers/outlets, and quiet spaces exist for a reasonable cost. You’ll be able to relax away from the gate and ignore the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Another great way to remain healthy while on the road is to eliminate alcohol consumption during business travel. Drinking while in-flight will cause dehydration and increase jet lag.

Exercise Benefits
One thing that many people forget about is packing exercise gear. Remembering to do this will give you the benefit of working out in your room. Most MyKey furnished accommodations include an onsite fitness center and every property featured on our site provides a Walk Score so you can get out for a run or mind-clearing walk.

Exercise provides many benefits for business travelers. This includes stress reduction, an increase in productivity and decreased jet lag. Overall, flying can be hard on your body. Think about stretching every so often while on the plane. It’s good for your health.

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