Join Our Exclusive Alliance of Vetted and Endorsed Providers

If you are an independent corporate housing provider, hotelier or provider of a vacation rental property, your first step to being actively marketed on is to apply to become a member of the MyKey Global Alliance. Our Alliance partners are carefully reviewed to ensure our Key Clients’ temporary housing needs are matched with the perfect solution, every time.

Alliance members undergo an internal review using online reputation tools to gauge customer satisfaction with the quality and cleanliness of your offerings, and the speed and level of service you provide. After signing our Service Level Agreement (SLA) committing to our standards for quality, service, communications and payment terms, you’re ready to begin receiving requests!

As an Alliance partner, you are never asked to “de-brand” your suites. In fact, we LOVE our Alliance partners’ brands! Since your properties are vetted to ensure they meet our rigorous standards for service, we proudly promote them and your brand to our clients and guests!

Start Receiving Requests

Once you’ve signed your SLA, our Global Alliance support team will contact you and to assist with adding your properties to our inventory. Then you are ready to begin receiving business!

When MyKey receives a request that matches the location and amenities of your properties, you will receive an email with all the details of the request. Simply click on the email to view details and either accept or decline the opportunity.

As an Alliance partner, you will receive access to our Supplier Administration portal. There you can utilize a suite of tools and reporting options to keep track of the requests you have received from MyKey. The Supplier Administration portal provides an efficient communications tool to keep you connected with the requestor or guest until a booking is confirmed.

Deliver the MyKey Experience Through Your Brand

If you agree to the terms of an opportunity, we take care of the paperwork and payment – allowing you to focus on the guest experience. From providing arrival instructions to doing a pre-arrival inspection and welcoming the guest, this is where your local expertise and service standards shine. Our system automatically updates you of arriving guests, service requests, requests for extension, guest feedback and departing guests.

Become a Supplier Partner

From reaching new clients, to managing bookings, and simplifying your tracking and reporting, MyKey is designed to help your properties succeed.

How do you find your next client? Let us do it for you.

Discover Easy Accommodations

Want easy accommodation access? MyKey searches vetted, positively rated, professionally-managed hotels and furnished accommodations in one location on, allowing you to compare options with a click.


Do you know what you are renting? All properties on MyKey are vetted to meet our service, quality, and regulatory standards. From secure check ins, to insurance coverage, and emergency support, there are no surprises when you or your client arrive.

Avoid Additional

Tired of hidden fees and conflicting prices? When you book at, you pay what the provider offers directly, with the confidence that you will get what you see online. There are no hidden fees, just look and book.

Our Testimonials

  • Awesome. You are amazing. Keep up the great work!

    Julian N.
    Property & Casualty Examiner
  • Thank you so much for arranging everything until everything was confirmed! You are awesome and made my first time MyKey experience so smooth and great.

    Claudia T.
    National Claims Professional
  • I'm trying to keep up with you and provide the same service you provide us so thank you! I hope I can keep it up because you are great!

    Karen N.
  • Everyone and everything has been great. My insureds were all well looked after. all in all I would say that MyKey is pretty amazing.

    Kristin P.
  • The service from MyKey is great. Your staff are always available and they are quick to look after either our new claim requests, updates, questions, etc. They are very professional and kind to our customers as well.

    Georgia S., CIP
    Senior Field Adjuster
  • First time using MyKey this week and it has been such an easy experience, will be definitely utilize your firm from here on out!

    Julian N., B.H.Sc.
    Property and Casualty Examiner
  • The service that I have been receiving has been great. (MyKey) has been keeping me in the loop and is also trying to help our insured in timely manner.

    Sid P.
    Claims Advisor
  • I really appreciate the excellent service. Claims are obviously a stressful time for insureds and it really helps having people like you helping out!

    Kent R., CRM
  • I received excellent service. I am very happy how they quickly accommodated me by finding a place so quickly to stay and also helping with the late check-out. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it.

    Erica K.
  • I would love to say thank you for all your help in assisting us to the best of your ability. Keep up the good work.

    Abigail C.

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