More Business, Less Paperwork: Discover the Advantages of Hosting with MyKey

Aug 9, 2023

Are you a property owner looking to maximize your hosting potential? Whether you’re an experienced host or new to renting your home, when you partner with MyKey Global Accommodations you can experience a world of benefits that gives you more business with less paperwork. As a Key Host, you get access to the leading platform for hassle-free short-term rentals and tap into a wide range of guests including business travellers, insurance carriers and vacationers offering you a wider reach and increased earning potential. In this article, we’ll explore how becoming a Key Host provides you with unparalleled advantages and streamlines your hosting experience.

More Money in Your Pocket

While other booking platforms take a percentage of the booking value (some as much as 30%!), MyKey takes nothing from our hosts. That’s right: nothing. You can list your property on our platform for whatever rate you want with no worry that a portion of the price will land in someone else’s pocket. With no additional fees, you make more money and can pass the savings onto your guests too. What’s more: you can still list your property on other platforms! MyKey does not require property owners to list exclusively on our platform, and, unlike competitors, we don’t penalize hosts for refusing booking requests. With MyKey, all the control, freedom, and savings stay with our Key Hosts which helps make us the leading platform for temporary housing accommodations.

Request Management Made Easy

As a Key Host, you unlock the gateway to the Supplier Administration portal, a comprehensive platform equipped with a range of tools and reporting capabilities. This user-friendly portal enables you to seamlessly handle and organize the requests received from MyKey, streamlining your management processes. As a supplier, you can expect to receive detailed emails containing all the essential information whenever a request perfectly aligns with the location and amenities of your properties. Equipped with this comprehensive overview, you can effortlessly evaluate and make informed decisions, promptly accepting or declining opportunities based on your availability and preferences. The Supplier Administration portal acts as your reliable command centre, facilitating efficient communication and collaboration between you and MyKey, ultimately optimizing your ability to cater to their clients’ temporary housing needs.

Access to Insurance Housing Clients

While most platforms attract individual travellers and people looking for a few-night stays, MyKey also engages with insurance housing clients. What does this mean for your property? Insurance housing clients usually require longer-term stays and keep your property booked for several months instead of just a few nights. With longer bookings, you are free from the burden of constantly attracting new guests and you can rest easy knowing you’re renting to a trustworthy clients. Further, with insurance housing, you’re helping people who are recently displaced which creates a positive impact in your community. When you become a Key Host, you can enjoy all these benefits for your business and your community.

Streamlined Process and Excellent Support

Unlike other hosting platforms, MyKey takes care of the paperwork and payment upfront which allows you to focus on what you do best: providing a memorable guest experience. Right from the moment you submit an interest form, MyKey’s dedicated sourcing team assists you throughout the entire process helping you build up your listing on the platform and understand how it fits in relation to its community. Once you’ve committed to accommodating a guest, the administrative burden is lifted off your shoulders ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. MyKey’s platform keeps you updated on arriving guests, service requests, extensions, guest feedback, and departures, allowing you to provide personalized service and ensure guest satisfaction.

Increased Credibility

When you become a Key Host, you join MyKey’s esteemed network of carefully vetted and endorsed providers. This increases your credibility as a property owner because people trust that MyKey’s platform showcases reputable suppliers. With increased credibility, Key Hosts enjoy more business and countless benefits for both their business and their brand.

Brand Preservation

In contrast to other platforms, MyKey recognizes and celebrates your brand as a Key Host. With MyKey, there is no requirement to strip away your unique branding from your suites. Rather, we encourage you to showcase your brand on the platform to entice our esteemed clients and guests. This approach allows hosts to widen their reach and be exposed to new markets on the platform without requiring them to sacrifice the qualities that make their brand unique and memorable for guests.


Partnering with MyKey opens doors to a world of opportunities for property owners and hosts. By hosting with MyKey, you can keep more money in your pocket, enjoy a streamlined process, gain exposure for your brand, and provide an exceptional guest experience. With MyKey’s commitment to quality and service, both hosts and guests can trust in a reliable and transparent platform. Become a Key Host today and skyrocket to success in the temporary housing industry.

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