Hotels. Furnished Apartments. Custom Housing Solutions. Vetted and All Across North America.

Serving you and your policyholder 24/7/365

MyKey provides best in class service and exceptional value to your policyholder. From everyday displacements to catastrophes, we deliver solutions that meet your client’s needs and that are within their ALE limit.

Custom Housing Solutions

We have partnered with more than 100,000 properties in North America to assist you and your insured. If we don’t have what they are looking for, we’ll either find it or build it ourselves. Taking care of your client’s individual needs is our top priority.

MyKey can deliver lost cost reductions of up to 16%

MyKey delivers more for less, providing the right option in the right place and at the right price while still making the best use of your client’s ALE budget. We help you save money without having to sacrifice quality or customer satisfaction on accommodations provided by us.

Our MyKey Insurance Housing portal provides:
  • Speedy insurance housing fulfillment requests
  • Access to policyholder reservation details
  • Billing details with invoice transparency
  • List of our available Accommodations

MyKey Adds Value for Your Policyholders

As the leading provider of insurance housing solutions in North America, we help both large and small insurers provide exceptional, compassionate and immediate assistance to their policyholders, which means greater policyholder value and higher customer satisfaction scores for your company.

MyKey has a Net Promoter Score® of 96!

Insurance Solutions

We are your key to secure immediate and
temporary housing, where and when your
policyholders need it most.

No time to search? Let us do it for you.

Hotels to Alternative Accommodations

Find ALE accommodations quickly and seamlessly with MyKey, whether you need an immediate hotel for the night, a furnished apartment for a few weeks or months, or a custom housing solution for a long-term rebuild.


Do you know what you are renting? All properties on MyKey are vetted to meet our service, quality, and regulatory standards. From secure check ins, to insurance coverage, and emergency support, there are no surprises when you or your client arrive.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

MyKey is a team of hospitality professionals who have the experience to support your needs and the passion to do so with best-in-class service. We have a Net Promoter Score® of 68!

Our Testimonials

  • Awesome. You are amazing. Keep up the great work!

    Julian N.
    Property & Casualty Examiner
  • Thank you so much for arranging everything until everything was confirmed! You are awesome and made my first time MyKey experience so smooth and great.

    Claudia T.
    National Claims Professional
  • I'm trying to keep up with you and provide the same service you provide us so thank you! I hope I can keep it up because you are great!

    Karen N.
  • Everyone and everything has been great. My insureds were all well looked after. all in all I would say that MyKey is pretty amazing.

    Kristin P.
  • The service from MyKey is great. Your staff are always available and they are quick to look after either our new claim requests, updates, questions, etc. They are very professional and kind to our customers as well.

    Georgia S., CIP
    Senior Field Adjuster
  • First time using MyKey this week and it has been such an easy experience, will be definitely utilize your firm from here on out!

    Julian N., B.H.Sc.
    Property and Casualty Examiner
  • The service that I have been receiving has been great. (MyKey) has been keeping me in the loop and is also trying to help our insured in timely manner.

    Sid P.
    Claims Advisor
  • I really appreciate the excellent service. Claims are obviously a stressful time for insureds and it really helps having people like you helping out!

    Kent R., CRM
  • I received excellent service. I am very happy how they quickly accommodated me by finding a place so quickly to stay and also helping with the late check-out. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it.

    Erica K.
  • I would love to say thank you for all your help in assisting us to the best of your ability. Keep up the good work.

    Abigail C.

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