It’s Flood Season: Here’s How to Protect Yourself and Your Home

Apr 7, 2020

Spring is here! Blue skies. Sunshine. Birds singing. Floods.

Wait…what? Floods?

Yes, it is spring, and in many parts of Canada and the United States, that means floods. Ice dams formed in the winter are thawing due to gradually rising seasonal temperatures, and every child can tell you next month’s flowers come courtesy of this month’s showers. Altogether, that adds up to an overabundance of water suddenly hitting our rivers, streams, and standing bodies of water. And with that comes the inevitable flooding.

MyKey is here to help you prepare and protect your home in advance of potential springtime flooding. And should you unfortunately sustain damage to your home due to flooding, we can provide some useful tips on what to do and how to properly file a claim.

As the leading provider of insurance housing solutions in North America, we work with insurance companies and adjusters to match policyholders with temporary housing that meets their unique needs and policy budget.

How to Prepare for a Flood

According to the Government of Canada, these are some tips to follow to reduce the chances of your home sustaining damage in the event of a flood:

  • Apply weather protection sealant around basement windows and ground-level doors
  • Make sure your downspouts extend away from your home, so water flows away from it
  • Check your sump pump or consider installing one in your basement
  • Move important documents, furniture, electronics and personal belongings to ground level or higher
  • Consider putting important documents in a backpack or similar bag for ease of transportation should you need to evacuate
  • If flooding is sure to occur, turn off basement furnace and the gas valve
  • Remember your pets! Keep them inside, dry and warm too
  • Grab a radio (and extra batteries) or another device to keep tabs on weather updates
  • Have an emergency kit ready

What to Do if Flooding Forces You from Your Home

  • Take your emergency kit, radio and important documents with you
  • Follow officially designated routes to avoid flooded or otherwise obstructed roads
  • Never cross flooded areas, especially not on foot. The water could be deeper and faster moving than it appears. Be careful of crossing bridges over high water too
  • If your car stalls and water is rising quickly, your safety and that of your passengers supersedes that of the car. Abandon it and get to safer ground, preferably higher ground
  • Once you are safe, contact your insurance agent to file a claim and ask them to connect you with MyKey for temporary shelter
  • Contact friends and neighbors to let them know you are safe and, if necessary, where you are living
  • Contact the post office to pause or re-route mail

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If You Need Temporary Housing Due to a Flood

MyKey assists dozens of insurance professionals and their policyholders daily to find immediate and long-term housing solutions for people displaced from their homes for a variety of reasons.

We have partnered with hotels, furnished apartment providers and private vacation rental owners across North America to assist with virtually any need. From emergency hotel reservations to custom housing solutions that accommodate individuals or families for weeks or months, we have the capability to deliver on your unique needs.

For your safety and comfort, we also work only with vetted providers who meet and agree to uphold our rigorous standards for service, quality and responsiveness.

We’re Here to Help

All of us at MyKey hope you never experience a natural disaster or other event that causes you to have to temporarily move out of your home. Should that happen however, our professional team of housing experts are available 24/7/365 to get you someplace safe, warm and comfortable in the shortest time possible. We’ll even front the costs for an emergency hotel room so all you need to do is check in and find a sense of peace. Your comfort and satisfaction are our passion and priorities.

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