MyKey Presents: Preventing the “Friday Effect”

Sep 25, 2020

Swaying trees, chirping birds, clear skies, and a perfect Friday morning! Oh, how you wish every morning would be a perfect one, don’t you? The temporary furnished apartment is spick and span, the children look cheerful as ever, and its baking day. But you stop to sigh and wonder, “If only the terrible storm hadn’t damaged our house months ago, we would have been happier and merrier in our cozy living room!”

And then, just as your pondering over that thought, you remember, your lease ends tomorrow but the contractor called you last week to let you know unfortunately there had been some delays and your house is going to take another week! Suddenly, you are in a real pickle. How will you get an extension for the furnished accommodation you’re staying in on such short notice? Your heart starts pounding as anxiety floods your body.


You need not let this worry take a toll on your mind because MyKey’s got your back. When your insurance adjuster teams up with MyKey Global Accommodations, we’ve got protocols in place to avoid a problem like these that we not-so-affectionately call “The Friday Effect”.

The Dreaded Friday Effect

Despite the best intentions of everyone involved, temporary housing stays resulting from an insurance claim tend to get extended and often on short notice. However, accommodation providers frequently book their properties back-to-back or cleaning crews and/or maintenance have been scheduled around the guest’s departure date for weeks.

Add to this that the property can have reduced staff over the weekend and booking contacts or other decision-makers often don’t work weekend days, and suddenly trying to get an extension approved at the 11th hour becomes challenging for both the fulfillment person managing the stay and the housing provider. This in turn can be potentially stressful for the guest and the insurance adjuster.

Say Goodbye to the ‘Friday Effect’

MyKey strives to avoid the ‘Friday Effect’ by using technology that monitors guests who are close to the check-out date. Our team, using automated emails and personal phone calls, reach out to guests a week or more in advance of their scheduled departure to ask if an extension is required or not. This helps avoid the last-minute hustle and bustle on extensions for guests, thus steering clear of the “Friday Effect” and the unnecessary turmoil it can cause.

For insurance providers, this is just another way MyKey delivers exceptional value to both them and their clients.

A Complete Temporary Insurance Housing Solution

If your house has sustained damage due to a weather, a natural disaster or any other mishap, we will work diligently and quickly with your insurance company to return your life to normal until the your house is ready for you to move back in.

From arranging a temporary stay to providing the right amenities, all within the approved ALE budget, MyKey makes sure we fulfill on all your furnished accommodation requirements and as many of your desires as we can. We help make your arranging your stay a hassle-free process by keeping in mind different factors like proximity to school or workplace, access to freeways and mass transit, and also other preferences.

So, in case of an unfortunate event or a tragedy where you must move out of your home, we strive to ensure you have a comfortable and pleasant stay. And should you miss out on letting us know you need to extend your stay, don’t worry! MyKey has you covered to avoid the “Friday Effect”.

After all, come what may, MyKey will always be here to provide you with the best service and temporary housing solutions. Your comfort and satisfaction are our primary concerns!

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Online Housing Request:
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