The E.A.S.E. of Renting Your Residential Properties with MyKey

Mar 26, 2024

Have you been wondering what it takes to become a property supplier on the MyKey platform?

With decades of combined experience catering to the diverse temporary accommodation requirements of insurance policyholders, businesses, and individuals alike, our team excels in providing top-tier short-term to long-term accommodation solutions. This expertise has positioned us as a leading provider of insurance housing solutions across North America. But we don’t stop at insurance housing – we welcome anyone at anytime, anywhere.

Signing on as a property supplier, or Key Host, for MyKey Global Accommodations opens you up to joining an incredible program. We’ve set industry-leading benchmarks for quality, service, cleanliness, and communication – standards that every MyKey partner is committed to upholding. Our partners undergo a meticulous review process to ensure that the temporary housing needs of our Key Clients are consistently met with tailored solutions. Aside from the benefits of increased credibility from using our trusted platform, and gaining access to long-term clients, we offer a seamless experience that allows you to join with E.A.S.E….



First, the process is Easy. We have a personalized experience, with someone working alongside you the whole the way, ensuring minimal hassle for property suppliers. From going through our application process to signing the Service Level Agreement and getting bookings, our user-friendly platform and straightforward documentation makes becoming a supplier a breeze. Our system automatically updates you of arriving guests, service requests, requests for extension, guest feedback and departing guests.



Affordability is another key aspect. We understand the importance of fair deals for both suppliers and clients. By offering a platform that has no signup cost or additional fees (yes, you read that right), we maintain a balance that benefits everyone involved. By not charging more to offset booking fees, you are then able to set a fair rental rate for guests, remain competitive, and keep more of it in your pocket. It’s a win-win-win!


A New Standard in Accommodations

Safety for all our users, guests, and suppliers is a top priority. This is accomplished in several ways, including:

    • Guaranteed payment – eliminating the risk of late or missed rent from displaced tenants;
    • Minimized risk of damage beyond normal wear and tear – insurance companies screen their policyholders, resulting in the placement of responsible individuals in your property during the claims process;
    • Dedicated Account Manager – a dedicated single point of contact at MyKey, who ensures clear communication throughout the process;
    • High level of trust – we must adhere to the stringent standards imposed by the insurance industry

Partnering with MyKey reflects positively on your business by demonstrating your commitment to providing safe and secure housing for families facing a challenging time.


A New Standard in Accommodations

Lastly, the experience is designed to be Enjoyable. We value our positive relationships with our suppliers, fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual growth. Our dedicated support team offers personalized assistance every step of the way, addressing concerns promptly and professionally.

When you agree to a booking request, we take care of the paperwork and payment – allowing your attention to be on the guest experience. From providing arrival instructions to doing a pre-arrival inspection and welcoming the guest, this is where your local expertise and service standards shine. There is no need for your properties to take over your life – we allow you to focus on what matters.


MyKey Global Accommodations sets a new standard as a prominent figure in the hospitality industry. With a commitment to Easy processes, Affordable terms, Safety assurances, and an Enjoyable experience, we empower property owners to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, ensuring excellence in our temporary accommodations ranging from hotel stays to emergency housing for disaster relief. With the E.A.S.E. of signing up, you should only really be asking yourself, “Where do I sign up my available rental properties?

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